Our Team

Our team of staff at Greenwich OSHC are highly dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about working with children. The staff aim to create a fun, nurturing and safe environment for the children at the centre and each have various qualifications and / or experience in the Childcare field.

Mel Seeney (Certified Supervisor & Educational Leader)

Melanie R

Studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Education.   Loves to cook, snorkel and walk her dog.

Michael Brislee (Certified Supervisor)

Mike B

Completed an advanced diploma in Film. Loves playing and making music.

Bronte Evans (Certified Supervisor)

Bronte E

Completed a Degree in Primary Teaching. Loves sewing and anything pink!

Alexander Mort (Certified Supervisor)

Alexander Mort

Currently studying a Bachelor of Economics. Loves playing basketball and travelling.

Laura McDonald (Certified Supervisor)

Laura McDonald

Now a Certified Supervisor.  Loves playing the drums.

Sarah Aldrich

Sarah A

Currently studying a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I love watching TV shows and my favourite animals are horses.

John Kennedy

John K

Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts with a Masters in Nursing. Loves playing basketball and listening to music.

Alex Cuningham

Studying a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science.  Loves Soccer and playing Quidditch.

Kelly Parker

Kelly Parker

Studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy.  Loves Eggplant and Rowing.

Mia Evans (Casual Educator)

Mia Evans

Studying a Bachelor of Nursing.  Loves Pesto and is passionate about looking after the environment.

Matt Koefoed (Casual Educator)

Matt Koefoed

Studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education.  Loves exercise and sport.